Teeth Cleanings For Kids

Children have a higher risk for cavities than adults because baby teeth have a much thinner outer surface of enamel than adult teeth. Cavities are formed when bacteria living in our mouths digest sugar, turning it into acid that erodes the surface of the tooth. Therefore regular dental cleanings are very important for children as soon as they begin to get teeth. Professional cleanings remove plaque from the teeth, help prevent cavities, and identify cavities that have already formed.

When should your child get a cleaning?

Starting at age one, we recommend dental cleanings and exams at least every six month to help your children avoid cavities, and so that any cavities that we do find can be easily treated before they get too serious. Depending on your child's age and needs we will either use a professional "spin brush" or prophy angle and cleaning paste (with fun flavors), or we will use a manual toothbrush and other hand instruments to remove any plaque or tartar buildup. At cleaning visits we may also take X-rays, offer oral hygiene counseling and nutritional information and apply professional fluoride treatments.

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